Lightning Protection

Lightning Protection Solutions

Lightning Protection solutions are the icon of our company. We undertake all types of lightning installation systems.

• Structural Faraday Cage Methods

• Finial type single point arrester installation

• Early Streamer Emission (ESE) type installation

• Earthing Systems

• Surge Protections

• Surge Filters

• Load Cell Protection

It is essential to adhere relevant standards while installation, since lightning protection can make humongous damages if installed incorrectly. We follow IEC/BS 62305 & NFC 17-102 standards for installation. Our Brands and products have been tested in accordance with IEC/BS 62561 standard.

Contact experts to get your cost effective solution according to standards. Designs can be given according to,

• Rolling sphere method

• Protective angle method

• ESE Covering Method.

Ongoing Projects

Structural Lightning Protection According to IEC 62305 standard. Main Contractor N&A Engineering Services (PVT) LTD


Faraday Cage installation at Nelson Place Royal Tower building. 2.8 Mn Project Value. Main Brand used, AXIS from India.


Faraday Cage installation at thelawala building. 1.8 Mn wis the project Value. Main Brands used are HEX and AXIS from India.


Previous Projects

Main Panel Earthing done to achieve expected earth impedance by th consultans.


Supply of state of the art test box specially deigned for the University by DNA Engineering.


Supply and installation of direct lightning protection system for the hospital.